An 18th century English country house in Hertfordshire, it is used as a private house and also headquarters for Xara Ltd, software developers.   The house has been used as a location for many TV dramas, commercials and films. Located just outside the M25 it is close to the north London film studios of Leavesden, Pinewood and Elstree.   Set on a hill overlooking parkland and the Gade valley, it is said to have one of the finest views in Hertfordshire.   Gaddesden Place, build in 1768, was the first work of the architect James Wyatt, later responsible for the famous Pantheon in London (since destroyed by fire) and the infamous, truly huge, Gothic pile that was Fonthill Abbey. Wyatt was killed in an early ‘traffic accident’ when his carriage was toppled. He is buried in Westminster Abbey.   Xara Ltd, whose headquarters are in the house, develop high-performance graphic design software as an alternative to Adobe’s products. All graphics, photos and this entire website were produced using only Xara Web Designer  software. Gaddesden Place is owned by Charles Moir, founder of Xara. Mouse over the photos to see enlarged versions, or click one of the links above to find out more.
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